Municipal Website Venture

A new generation of Municipal Websites

Website Features

Finding the right balance between form and function is one of the things that determines the success of a website. With the flexibility and power of an open source content management system (CMS) like Joomla the ability to add extra features to a website, quickly and easily at minimal or no extra cost, is a relatively recent phenomena. Over the past years the addition of website features has become considerably easier and quicker to implement resulting in lowered costs and increased user satisfacation.

Websites developed for municipalities in Nova Scotia through the Municipal Website Venture will include the following:

  • Interactive Event Calendar
  • Document Management System
  • Manual and Automatic Site Backups
  • Search (using the province's Google Search Appliance service)
  • Site Map (automatically updates as content changes)
  • Interactive Map (Google)

Other kinds of functionality include:

  • Searchable Business Directory
  • Interactive Photo Gallery
  • Polls
  • Forms
  • Currency Conversion
  • Article Commenting
  • Administrative Access Control
  • Internal Access to Server Directories and Files

Beyond this set of functionality a CMS like Joomla offers countless other add-ons that are likely, more often than not, to meet your specific requirements.