Municipal Website Venture

A new generation of Municipal Websites

Style Guide

This guide consists of a set of best practices or "rules of thumb" that will help maintain quality and consistency on websites.


Web pages have a defined hierarchy with respect to page headings.

h1 - appears in the header of each page and defined in the website template
h2 - title of content item
h3 - major subtitles
h4 - minor subtitles
h5 - lower-tiered subtitles

Avoid Copying and Pasting from Word Processor Directly into Editor.
Copy text into NotePad and then copy and paste text into editor.


Image size should not exceed 100kb in size and 600px in width as a general rule. All non background images should have an associated title or "Screen Tip" description.

Photographic images should be saved in jpg or jpeg format. Line Art images (relatively few solid colors) should be saved in gif format.


To create an unordered list of items in the editor select the items that will form the list and click the bullets button. If you cannot see the associated bullet points click the button again until each item has an bullet point associated with it.

Creating a New Content Item

Provide Title and Title Alias (can be the same)
Allocate item to a Category

Key Points

Backup important pages — Click Source Tab at bottom of editor, select text and paste into NotePad — title should contain name and date of content item. Document can be in .txt or .html/.htm format

Text copied into the editor from NotePad is formatted as one paragraph with line breaks in between. For correct formatting delete line breaks and then press Enter to create properly formatted paragraphs

Refer to Joomla tutorials for information about how to carry out routine tasks.