Municipal Website Venture

A new generation of Municipal Websites


I am pleased to extend my sincere appreciation to AMANS and their dedicated Municipal Website Coordinator Les Coleman for the outstanding work on the redevelopment of our NSFM website.

The collaborative effort demonstrated by Les has resulted in a revamped site that now serves as a user-friendly hub for information meeting the diverse needs of our stakeholders.

From conceptualization to execution, Les exhibited a keen understanding of our organization's objectives and his attention to detail, responsiveness to feedback, and commitment to delivering within our desired timeline was particularly commendable.

NSFM is proud to have partnered with AMANS and their skilled Municipal Website Coordinator on this transformative project. The website now stands as a testament to their professionalism and expertise in the field. I look forward to continued collaboration on future endeavours.

Charlene Fekeshazy
Communications Advisor
Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities

The Town of Truro worked with Les and his team at Municipal Website Venture to develop the new Town of Truro website. The process was very collaborative and Les was very efficient and responsive. Les and his team helped us work through the new Joomla 4 platform and provided us with guidance and tips on enhancing accessibility. The new Joomla 4 platform has been easy to navigate and an upgrade from the former Joomla 3

Alison Grant
Manager of Economic Development
Town of Truro

As a marketing and comms team of one, Les has been invaluable in my learning how to navigate not only a new website development but the new Joomla 4. Les and the team are very approachable, hands-on, and quick to respond. I had no problem asking any questions small or large as someone with a little background in web design but otherwise new to it all. Not having much prior experience with previous Joomla’s, Joomla 4 has been very easy to navigate and the tutorial with Jeff Hanshaw left me feeling confident in navigating and making changes to our new site myself.

Robyn Morris
Digital Media and Communications Manager
Recreation Nova Scotia

As a not-so-technically inclined person in charge of updating our website, connecting with the Municipal Website Venture has been invaluable to providing our residents with beautifully designed, organized and current information. The Joomla system is very user-friendly and provides quick options to make edits, create new content and post new files and documents. Having the support of the Municipal Website Coordinator gives me the confidence that our website is easily accessed and current because any changes or updates that need to occur are taken care of quickly.

Danielle Chaplin
Administrative Services Coordinator
Village of Bible Hill

I also have to pass on one of the major benefits that we have experienced with going to the Joomla-based system. In the past, all changes/updates to the site were the sole responsibility of the web designer. This was due to the high technical knowledge required to make even the simplest of changes. The Joomla system has made it easy for any authorized person to make changes to the site simply by typing in a "word processor" type entry box. This has not only taken a huge workload off of me but has made the information on our website more relevant and up-to-date.

Scott Muise
Information Technologist
Municipality of Argyle
Letter of recommendation