Municipal Website Venture

A new generation of Municipal Websites

Municipal Website Venture Board

The MWV Board's primary role is leadership. The Board will endeavor to clarify the vision and mission of the venture, and to make strategic course corrections as needed to achieve its mandate. Leadership will also include striving to meet the needs of the goals of its administration and governance. The Municipal Website Board includes:

  • Mark Peck, Municipal Advisor, Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations (Chair)
  • Deborah Campbell, Assistant Municipal Clerk, CBRM
  • Rachel Turner, CAO, Town of Middleton
  • Scott Muise, Information Technologist, Argyle
  • Hugh Landry, CAO, Town of Mulgrave
  • Janice Wentzell (ex-officio),  Executive Director, AMANS
  • Les Coleman (ex-officio), Municipal Website Coordinator
  • Kristy Hardy (ex-officio), Administrative Assistant

The MWV's responsibilities include:

  • Developing strategies, setting goals, targets and priorities
  • Communicating Mission/Vision internally and externally
  • Direction and coordination of staff, financial and technical resources
  • Crafting and administering policies
  • Budget preparation
  • Accountability reports to the AMA Executive Board
  • Liaising with Municipal and Provincial Partners
  • Examine and assess stakeholder needs
  • Training Program
  • Marketing
  • Promotion